Welcome to Double H Canine Training Academy

Welcome to Double H Canine Training Academy.  Our philosophy is every dog is unique, which means the assembly line approach is ineffective. Whether your canine friend requires obedience lessons, behavior modification, or a combination of both, we can accommodate. Bringing a dog into your life is one of the greatest pleasures you will ever experience, having that life with your dog be harmonious is even more pleasurable.  We will give you the proper tools to accomplish your goals and to have a life filled with harmony, companionship and fun. In order to accomplish these goals a clear understanding of what is expected from each member is needed.

We believe every dog can be trained.  You may ask yourself how we know. We know because we have trained hundreds of dogs. We understand how dogs think and we train dogs to be well mannered, in a way that works according to how dogs view the world around them.  We also explain to pet owner’s critical behaviors that effectively shape your dog and ensure that your pet understands what you want and expect from them.  Double H Canine Training Academy will take the gray out of your dog’s life and help you establish open communication.

Are you struggling with your pet listening to you, especially around distractions? Does your pet exhibit unwanted behaviors such as jumping, chewing, pulling on leash, and barking?

Imagine a program where your pet will learn to listen every time, no matter the distraction. Your pet will no longer jump, bark, or pull while on leash.  Your dog will be well mannered, safe, and under control.

Have you had previous training that did not meet your training goals? It’s not your dog’s fault. Unfortunately, most owners after attending some form of basic pet obedience have not met or achieved their goals. Those results are not the most you can hope for.  If your past training experience did not meet your needs and left you feeling like your pet is not trainable then give us a call.  We are willing and able to help.

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