Welcome to Double H Canine!


We are a dedicated team of professionals with a shared passion for enhancing the bond between dogs and their owners.

With an array of diverse and rich experiences, ranging from law enforcement and military service to college teaching and training elite service dogs, our team is uniquely equipped to tackle the world of dog training.

At Double H Canine, we believe in showing, not telling.

Our credentials are reflected in our unique methodology, client success stories, and our commitment to making a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners.

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Elite Dog Training Credentials

Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of our  background is the experience training dogs for the esteemed Navy Seal program.

This exposure to high-stakes, performance-focused training scenarios has endowed Double H Canine with unparalleled expertise in canine behavior.

We apply these refined techniques to help you foster a strong, harmonious relationship with your pet.

Academic Expertise

Our journey as educators at the collegiate level is a testament to our  passion for teaching and the ability to make complex ideas accessible.

At Double H Canine, our training modules reflect this dedication, offering courses designed with simplicity, effectiveness, and enjoyable learning at their heart.

Strength in Team

"The skilled professionals at Double H Canine, through their varied and extensive backgrounds, bring a profound understanding of discipline, structure, and effective communication to the forefront. These core principles are the foundation of every training program we deliver, showcasing the collective approach and deep expertise of our team. This collaboration and shared knowledge underscore our commitment to excellence in training."

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