About the
Board and Train Program

Our Board and Train program is an intensive training experience where your dog will stay with us, typically for a few weeks, and receive daily training lessons. This immersion-style program allows us to work closely with your dog, implementing consistent, daily training which fast-tracks their learning and behavioral change. Click the button below to get started.

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 Problems Addressed



Controlled exposure to triggers is gradually increased allowing trainers to work on reinforcing calm behavior and redirecting reactive responses using positive reinforcement.


Aggression-related issues are addressed through a tailored behavior modification plan.  The board and train program allows for intensive work with experienced trainers to address and modify aggression issues effectively.


Problems Addressed



Trainers utilize structured training exercises, reward-based techniques, and consistent correction to discourage jumping behavior. Dogs learn alternative behaviors, such as greeting with a sit or down, to replace jumping.

Pulling on Leash

Intensive leash training is conducted, teaching dogs to walk politely on a loose leash.

 Who Chooses
the Board and Train


Busy Professionals

Clients with demanding work schedules or other commitments find board and train programs advantageous. They can entrust their dog's training to professional trainers while they focus on their responsibilities.


First-Time Dog Owners

Board and train programs are ideal for novice dog owners who lack experience in training. These programs provide a solid foundation and help establish good behavior patterns.

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Consistency and Efficiency

Inconsistent training or lack of time can hinder progress.

With Board and Train, your dog benefits from a structured and consistent training environment.

Our trainers dedicate their undivided attention to your dog's needs, ensuring each session is productive and focused.

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Follow-Up Sessions

As a valued member of our training family, we are committed to your ongoing success and support.

Beyond the completion of the initial training program, we offer follow-up sessions tailored to your specific needs.

These sessions serve as an opportunity to address any new or recurring issues, refresh your dog's skills, and introduce new behaviors.

With our flexible scheduling, we're here for you whenever you need us.

Consider us your trusted partner in your lifelong journey of dog training and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our dedicated follow-up sessions.

Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary
when it comes to your dog's training!


Choose our prestigious Board and Train program and witness the remarkable transformation of your furry friend.

Join the ranks of delighted clients who have entrusted us with their dogs and have experienced the joy of a well-trained companion. 

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