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If distance is an issue, we offer phone consultations (Skype or Face-Time) where you can talk with us one-on-one about your specific issues at hand. In this time, Rich will discuss and coach specific training for your dog, business strategies, personal goals, etc. We will address and assess your situation, and coach you on specific strategies to work with and implement into your life and/or your life with your dog.

Online Enrollment is a tailored, one on one, motivating private session to put you in the right direction to achieve your dog training goals and strengthen your relationship with your dog!

Work with Rich in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. We have found a lot of success with our online sessions going over all the issues and concerns you may be having with your pup. Rich likes to spend a lot of time talking about exactly what is going on with your dog and investigating each case individually. The online portal really is a unique opportunity to tailor your exact needs and problems.