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We work with your dog first, and then coach the family through the necessary techniques with the majority of the training carried out at home. With this do-it-yourself approach, the handler schedules one-hour instruction sessions where we demonstrate the training process.

This is a great program for dog owners who are looking for greater control over their dog’s behavior. If you want to better understand, communicate and connect with your dog there is no better program out there for getting your dog on the right track than our Foundations program. These six sessions will be the most life changing six hours for you, and your dog that you will ever experience.

All sessions are hands on and personalized by our senior trainer, Rich Hardin for the best possible experience. All of the basic commands (proper heel, sit/stay, down/stay, place, and recall) are covered. Additionally, we work to eliminate the things you do that reinforce your dog’s unwanted behaviors. We will work with you to set up household management systems, proper exercise, obedience and behavior modification plans so your dog is prepared to live with you. We will help you better understand your dog’s behavior and thinking so you can get away from using human assumptions to understand your dog and help eliminate bad behavior and reinforce good behavior.

In this class we will work with you to establish leadership of your dog without the use of yelling, or any heavy-handed techniques. We stress the importance of getting the whole family involved so everyone in the household and not just you conditions your dog. In order for the training to be successful, it is imperative for owners to work at home to change behaviors as instructed by our trainers. Incorporating training into your everyday life is crucial for the success of the program.