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Rich Hardin has had a love for dogs all his life. After successful careers in Law Enforcement and teaching Rich decided to turn his full attention to his passion, dogs and to the people that care for them.  Rich has had many great opportunities in the dog world. He has worked as canine handler and trainer in the law enforcement community.  Served as Senior Trainer for Military Special Operations Groups Multi Purpose Canine Programs and trained hundreds of pet dogs in Virginia and Kentucky.  He is most proud of educating pet owners about why their pets exhibit certain behaviors and in providing the training and education to meet their expectations. Rich understands the frustration pet owners have experienced from other dog training programs. He enjoys teaching owners and their pets a more effective way of reaching their goals and desires.

At Double H Canine, we believe that our primary purpose in life is to glorify God and bring honor to His Son, Jesus. God has blessed us with the talents and resources to operate this business, and we are thankful for your partnership in our endeavor.