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Why Groom Your Pet?

Just like humans, dogs require regular grooming to stay healthy. Without regular bathing, your dog will be more susceptible to ringworms and mites, as well as to infections in the nose, mouth, eyes and ears. Matted or unbrushed fur can pull uncomfortably on skin and lead to hot spots; improper nail care can lead to early arthritis.

Grooming Services 

Bath & Brush Outs 

Basic Batch and blow dry under 50lbs $20.00

Over 50 lbs $35.00

(Includes nail trim, ears cleaned and blow dry)


De-Shed Treatment 

Under 50 lbs  $40.00

Over 50lbs 55.00

(Includes nail trim, ears cleaned and blow dry)



Under 50lbs $40.00

Over 50lbs $65.00


Other Services 

Anal Gland Expression $5.00

Teeth Cleaned $5.00

Nail Grinding $10.00

Flea and Tick Shampoo $10.00

Flea and Tick Spray $5.00

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