Freedom Farm Ministry

Freedom Farm Ministry is a three part Christ centered 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to helping men and women overcome addiction through service by training dogs for disabled veterans and children.

Men And Women Overcoming Addiction:

Many men and women upon successfully completing substance abuse programs either while incarcerated or in a residential treatment facility are turned loose into the world without any outside support and without purpose. Though their intentions are good, without the love and support that they need, many begin to feel hopeless and fall right back into the life of addiction.  Through the love of Christ we want to provide these men and women with the support that they need, with the purpose that they long for and with the love that they deserve. 

Rescue Dogs:

There are approximately 572,000 dogs destroyed in shelters each year. Many of those dogs go un-adopted because of unwanted behaviors and lack of leadership.  Local shelters do an awesome job caring for these dogs however; they do not have the money, time, or resources to train them. Are goal is to provide these dogs with good homes and loving families they deserve.  

Disabled Veterans:

Many veterans and children qualify for a service dog unfortunately, a fully trained dog can cost as much as $30,000.  While most organizations offer assistance payment is the responsibility of the family either through donations or fund raising campaigns.  This just adds stress to families already under physical, financial, and mental pressure.  Our desire is to alleviate this stress and improve the quality of life for our well deserving disabled veterans and children.



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